Western Wood Warehouse was incorporated in 2007, but has been working on a smaller scale since 1995. Owner Nigel Dean started with the idea of salvaging beautiful fallen old growth trees to manufacture lumber, resilient flooring and other mill work. With this idea Western Wood Warehouse has grown to become a leading supplier of the finest Old Growth CVG in the NW.

Old Growth wood is like a fine wine; it enhances with time. Unlike many other wood types, age makes it stronger. One need not worry about cracks or splinters. This is tough to the touch wood that is very rare with high ring count and resilience. Adding a touch of Old Growth Fir to your home or office will only increase the value and beauty of your property. Owner Nigel Dean, repairs landslides and as a byproduct of this work reclaims the fallen trees from the wilderness.


Majority of these trees have been living in our local forest before Lewis and Clark ever explored the west. It is due to the age of the trees we encounter, we find such a close growth ring count. In addition to receiving some of the eldest and finest, we make a point not to cut live Old Growth Trees. All of our products have naturally fallen with the help of mother earth. These are a few reasons our wood is so exceptional.

In addition to typical milling sizes, Western Wood Warehouse works with each individual customer to produce the perfect grade, and size for each order. We make it a goal to see that your specific needs are met each time you order with us. Large or small orders, one time or frequent buyers, take a look around and let us know how we can better serve you.